Portable John offers several additions that may be desired or required for a jobsite or special event. Ask for pricing and availabilty.

Concentrated Chemical

If you own your own toilet, consider purchasing 1-gallon of concentrated chemical. Simply mix a few ounces with water to refresh and call for service as needed. Each gallon jug is $25 and can last over a year, depending on usage.


Containment Drip Tray

These flat trays are available to go underneath portable toilets for specific job requirements. Sized to fit under a standard base of  44" x 48".


Grey Water Holding Barrel

A smaller option for managing wastewater - these 55 gallon barrels can be used as a holding tank for grey water from construction sites or special events.


Grey Water Holding Tank

Manage wastewater from construction sites or special events with this 300-gallon polyethylene tank. Great option for concession stands or job trailers for grey water produced from handwashing or cooking.


Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Gel

Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed in each unit upon assembly. For special events, this accessory is included. For monthly rentals, this accessory must be requested and will be monitored for replacement upon each cleaning service. Betco® Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based gel that kills 99.9% of germs in about 15 seconds without the use of soap or paper towels.



Electric heaters provide comfort to your site and they are are also required by Minnesota State Law Revisor 5207.0800 which states “Where privies are not placed inside of heated building, provisions shall be made for heating privies to a minimum of heat that can be emitted from the installation of a 1,300 watt heater or other type equivalent heater.”

Heaters are fan forced, 1500/1300 Watt, 160 Volts and required to be mounted to the side of the unit. Power must be run to each unit.