Handicapped Accessible Portable Toilets


Two options are available for handicapped accessible units. These are also great to use for functions that may need a family friendly facility for small children. For job sites, the extra room in these units is helpful for workers wearing additional clothing in the winter.

Satellite® Freedom™

This model is completely ADA and Title 24 compliant with a patented flat floor design, hand railings, rotary latch paper holder and a wheelchair accessible decal.

Size and Dimensions 

This model is 91" tall by 86.5" wide by 86.5" deep. 


Our standard color is Blue, but we do have a limited amount of Tan and Forest Green models available. We will do our best to accomodate your request.



Satellite® Liberty™

This model was developed as an alternative to the full ADA-Compliant facilities. These units are wheelchair accessible with hand railings and the patented flat floor design is great for maneuverability or a family friendly facility.  

Size and Dimensions

This model is 91" tall by 62" wide by 62" deep. 


This model is only available in Blue.


In the winter months, we do offer heaters installed in units that have access to power. Hand sanitizer gel and dispensers are installed in each unit. This accessory is included for all special events. For monthly rentals, please request as needed. Some job sites may require drip trays for underneath toilets, please inquire upon orderFind out more details on accessories >