Hand Wash Stations


Several different styles and sizes of hand wash stations are available to accomodate all different types of needs, events and locations. Soap dispenser and paper towels included.

Satellite® Breeze™ 

This blue and grey model is a dual-sided free standing sink enabling full finger tip to elbow washing. The baby foot pumps and heavy duty nozzles allow for quick water access. The 20 gallon sealed fresh water tank allows for approximately 300 uses between services.


Satellite® Handiwash™

This model, typically used for industrial locations, is a smaller, portable handwash stations - ideal for job sites. Dual-sided with hand pumps and a 20 gallon fresh water capacity, these tanks allow for approximately 300 uses between services.


Satellite® Wave™

This model is a large grey dual-sided free standing sink that includes a foot pump for immediate water stream. These models have a flat side that can be placed together to create a four stations. The 43 gallon sealed fresh water tank allows for approximately 630 uses between services.